How to Set Up Business Partner Determination in mySAP CRM

Partner processing is a basic function in transaction processing that includes the partner determination procedure, which the system uses to find and enter partners in transactions automatically. Partner processing also provides information about the business partner in a document. For example, it can tell you which business partner to use as the ship-to party or the address number to use. Partner processing also ensures that you can implement different partners in a business transaction. For example, in an order with 10 items, you might have two items to deliver to another ship-to party or a different address.

Business partners occur in different functions (business and organizational) for mySAP CRM business transactions such as sales, activities, or service notifications. For example, when processing an order, you need at least a sold-to party (person ordering), a ship-to party (person receiving the goods), a bill-to party (person receiving the invoice), and a payer (person that pays).

Building Blocks of Partner Processing:

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